Knowing your target demographic is one of the first steps in creating any marketing / social media plan. Knowing who’s who in the zoo can help you determine how you should focus your marketing efforts.

Do they use Facebook? Are active? What hobbies do they have?

These are some of the questions you can ask to identify the perfect candidate for you marketing campaign. Here are five areas you should consider when determining your target demographic.

1. Geographic
Where do they live?

2. Income Level
Does your target demographic have a large disposable income?

3. Education Level
Is your target demographic in High school? University? Graduated?

4. Psychographic 
What values or attitudes does your target demographic have? What is important to them?

5. Age
Are you focused on a younger audience, or an older demographic?

These five areas will help to clarify who your target demographic is, and set you on the path to creating a successful campaign!

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