On June 8th 2012 my journey was redirected in a way I couldn’t have expected.  On June 11th I was diagnosed with a brain tumor which would be followed by two surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy, and thirty sessions of radiation.

Following my treatment, which came to an end on January 25 2013 (over five years ago), I entered into university. In the five years since completing treatment, I have found a passion for fundraising, public speaking, and cause awareness.

During this past five years I have experienced more roadblocks, redirects, and rerouting. Two car accidents, multiple depressions, and a serious encounter with the seriousness of mental health.

In 2016, I was brought to the hospital near my home, placed in a ward, due to me being manic and psychotic. The three weeks that followed opened me up to a world I hardly knew existed.

Since this experience, I have learned much about myself, my limits and abilities, as well as what I value.

Recently having graduated from university, I have a desire to Walk, share My story, and the stories of Others. I believe that every story is worth sharing, and that together we can bring Love and Hope to so many people.

If you would like to support me in this, or simply follow my journey, you can follow me here, on Instagram  (@_justwalk_), or on Facebook (Just Walk).

And remember… Keep Walking!

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