When I shared that I would be walking across the US,  people’s immediate reaction tended to be shock, mixed with a bit of confusion if they heard me correctly. Once I explained in more detail, a lot of people asked me “Why do you Walk?”


There are many reasons that I Walk, and many things that I enjoy. The first and foremost reason I Walk is the sense of purpose and meaning that can be obtained while Walking.


While Walking, you tend to have a destination or end goal. Each step you take is one step closer to reaching it. This gradual improvement is not only motivating to continue, it also creates a sense of achievement each time you take a step.


The meaning comes from our reason for Walking. Be it to pick up groceries, catch a bus to work/school, or perhaps raise awareness for a cause we hold close. Walking has the ability to create deep meaning if you place a purpose behind it.


So what Is it that I enjoy about Walking?


Slowing down. Really being able to see the world around me as I slowly Walk through it. The people I wouldn’t have met had I been driving in a car. Being present. Living in the moment.


All these things, and so much more, are why I Walk.


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