This past Tuesday was a lesson in providence and faithful abandonment.


We began the day at 4am, not entirely sure where our end destination for the evening would be.


As we Walked further along the 212, we were welcomed by many people we crossed paths with. The first being a previous host from a few years ago who happened to be driving past. She led Tom and Sam to a Deacon named Joe in the next town who she thought might be able to help.


After meeting with Deacon Joe, Tom and Sam shared that he had Walked the Camino and wanted to meet me. He further offered to call the highschool just a short ways down the road to see if they could take us in.


Established in 1884, this mission school served the Native American community in the area. With dorms and showers, We were excited at the possibility of having our own beds for the evening.


End of day approaching, and without word back from the highschool, it was decided to head to the school anyways. We were greeted by an extremely generous man named John who opened his home to us for two nights.


Beginning our day before sunrise, we could have never anticipated where would we be by the end of it. I don’t think we could have planned it better ourselves.

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