The past three weeks has provided me many examples of the strength of peaceful witness. As a group, each one of us wear our Pro Life t-shirts as we walk. We’re not able to track the impact we have, besides the stories that we hear and the interactions that we have with those on the streets and in the host homes.


After mass I was approached by a couple whose daughter had Walked with Crossroads twelve years ago. They shared an experience she had while walking through a desolate part of Nevada. A car sped past her and her walking partner, and within half an hour the same car showed up on the side of the road.


It was a mother and daughter who were on their way to have an abortion. They had noticed the shirts the walkers were wearing as they drove by, and made the decision to turn back and speak with them.


By the end of their conversation the daughter decided not to have an abortion. Moments like these are examples of the power of the peaceful witness that we have as we walk. And it is moments like these that motivate us to continue walking each day.

For myself, wearing the Pro Life t-shirt has helped me to be less worried about sharing my point of view. I believe that the simple witness of wearing our shirts has the ability to save a life, and it is for that reason that I wear it proudly.

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