This past weekend our group was blessed to stay with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Chicago. The men were placed into a small house that used to belong to the original owners of the property, while the women were put into a two bedroom suite inside the convent.

After speaking with some of the sisters, I found out that the original home in Chicago had been condemned some years past. While trying to find a new place for the convent, the piece of land they now occupy was donated for them to use.

There are a total of 18 sisters, along with more then 90 resident seniors who the sisters help take care of, as well as countless staff and volunteers. We attended seven different parishes that were spread around the Chicago area, speaking at each one. On Saturday I was fortunate to see a friend I met on the Camino last year.

Bridged and I caught up over a delicious breakfast, and several cups of coffee at Baker’s Square. It is amazing to think that my very first Walk happened over a year ago. I am so thankful for all the kind and wonderful people I was able to meet.

My experience now, here on Crossroads, is very much the same. First with meeting my team, and now with every person we meet along the way. Most recently it was a man named John Wolfe…

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