John (Jack) is a resident at the Little Sister’s of the Poor convent in Chicago. He lives in a room across the hall from Ellarita, his wife of 67 years. During the final night of our weekend in Chicago, Mark read a poem he had received that was written by Jack.


A Women’s Choice 

 The women says “I have a choice”
To still in me that little voice.”
But that’s a child who lies within;
Don’t we say “to murder’s sin.”?
Will you cause within your womb
Your flesh to be your infant’s tomb?
That voice cries out “to kill, to kill!”
Can’t be our creators will.
Then let me live, and some months hence
A world of life I’ll enter; thence,
You’ll bear me as your child; a life anew
And know the joy that I will bring to you.


Jack shared his story with Elizabeth and me when we stopped by to see him this past week. He told us how when his wife was pregnant with their first child he was in Mexico. At the five month mark, the child passed. Again, while living in Indiana, Ellarita lost her second child at around the same time.

After moving to Ohio the couple was pregnant with their third child. John recounted the story as Elizabeth and I hung on every word. He explained that once more Ellarita entered into labour prematurely. “While the doctor was off on a cords break,” shared John, “I delivered our third child, blind, underdeveloped lungs, and absolutely perfect.” John said that the child lived for another five hours and that before passing he baptized them.

John and Ellarita ended up having four more healthy children, and became very involved in the Pro-life mission.

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