As I prepared to join Crossroads, I was told that I would not be the only Canadian on the team. I received an email a week before the start of the summer informing me that Elizabeth Jordan would be taking part as well, followed by an innocent question, “do you know her?”

My first experience meeting Elizabeth is one I’ll not soon forget. Arriving late at Billings airport, I made my way to the exit. As I stepped onto the escalader it was clear to me who was there to receive me. Emily was sporting her bright Pro-life t-shirt, and next to her was Elizabeth with a bright red shirt, and the phrase Eh? Stamped across the chest.

Every week we spend countless hours with one another, and, inevitably, you get to learn a lot about each other. I spoke with Elizabeth about how she came to be Pro-life. She was happy to share her story and had given me permission to share it as well.

At a very young age, Elizabeth was made aware of the Pro-life cause through her mother. At the age of 10 she attended a 40 Days for Life session with her mom, and recalls being involved during much of her youth. However, Elizabeth shared that it was not until she was twelve years old that she truly understood what it meant to be Pro-life. Entering into highschool, Elizabeth would not openly share her belief, but if asked she would stand firm on her position.

Before even entering into highschool, Elizabeth recalls seeing a newsletter with Crossroads Walkers  on the front page. “I was really intrigued by what they were doing, and I knew I wanted the do it as well, I just didn’t know when,” shared Elizabeth.

After highschool Elizabeth continued to take part in Pro-life activities such as Life Chain and various conferences. In February of 2018, she attended a meeting at Seat of Wisdom College where she officially met Martha. They both realized they had crossed paths at the Rise Up the previous December. This brief interaction solidified Elizabeth’s decision to take part in Crossroads this summer.

She has now been walking for over 10 weeks, 3000 miles, and 14 different States. “Being a part of Crossroads has granted me a greater appreciation for Life, the things I have, and has refocused my desire to make a difference.”

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