Two months, and two thousand miles. The Walk this summer has given me many experiences and encounters I will take home with me. Joining the team back on June 8th in Montana, I could never have imagined the friendships and moments that would be made on the road to Washington, D.C.

Now that it all is coming to a close, I take time to reflect on my experience. Before joining Crossroads, I kept my beliefs to myself. Leaving Crossroads I have gained a quiet confidence in standing up for what I believe. Before joining Crossroads I stood on unsettled ground in regards to my Faith and my discernment. Leaving Crossroads I feel reassured in the direction I am going, and in discovering God’s plan for me.

As I mentally prepared to return home, my mind raced with possible trips, other Walks, and the task of finding a job. I feel a sense of peace after the trip. Although the road was not always easy on Crossroads, be it the long days walking, the trip has left me feeling recharged.

Having completed my second Walk across a nation, I set my sights to what is next.

Los Angeles to Vancouver.

Until the next trip, remember… just keep on Walking.


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