My name is Matthew… 

I discovered my passion and desire to support non-profits after receiving support from so many amazing organizations. They inspired me to begin giving back after having receiving so much

Matthew is a young professional who finds inspiration in supporting non-profits. He is determined to support the organizations that have played a major role in helping him through some of the hardest moments in his life. Inspired to volunteer many years ago, Matthew has worked with organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Balding for Dollars, and the Canadian Cancer Society. Matthew carries with him the skills to help share your story, connect to those who matter, and help you make a difference.

After completing the Camino de Santiago, an 830km walk through Spain, Matthew decided that he wanted to give back. Inside Matthew’s virtual backpack is a huge range of experiences, creativity, and inspiration. Solution-focused, Matthew uses a human centric approach when developing strategy that works for you.

Matthew quite enjoys going for a coffee and learning about others experiences – feel free to reach out at 778.384.5959!